It Is What We Want It To Be…

Ok, So I was thinking….we look around us and see the world is just being the world. We turn on the news and they just want to share the negative things. Murders, hatred, stealing, etc……..

I will never forget someone said the world will try to tell us what to be. I believe we can be whatever we want to be, and just be it. Don’t get me wrong this world is crazy, BUT there are so many awesome things happening in the world as well. It seems to me that it starts with what we believe, and read more

Being EXACT…Without Being EXACT

As you look at this photo…it says so much. “You are exactly where you need to be”. Reading this message settles a person. In life itself we are tempted to think, because we’re

human… “Why is it I am not there or at this place?” I myself have had times, of thinking this is not happening yet. But I find myself, being forced to relax. I have no

choice but to relax. WE have no choice but to relax, and to take everything in stride BUT yet trust God. While I am even typing this read more

Nurturing Potential….

So we are living in a day where the world has lost standards and have no rules whatsoever. So many people are lost wondering if there is anyone pursuing anything good.

The days have really changed.

One day I had a conversation with 22 year old young lady and she told me how ‘free’ this generation is living.

She said that since they don’t know when their life will end, they just want to live and do whatever because they never know when they are going to die and when their time is up.

Do you read more


As some of you may know I’m a wife, a mom, and my husband and I have our own business….which all can be EXHAUSTING. Juggling all these things is non-stop! The other day, this past Sunday I had an “AH HAH” moment and wondered how it will be if time just stood still….or even wondered how it would be if everything just froze in place.

Even as I type this my little one is climbing onto my back. Yeah, yeah I know enjoy them while they are little right (sarcastically)?. Anyhoo,once I read more



Hello Readers!

Yes, I am super excited! Excited, because finally I am blogging and I think it’s time. My posts will all be about life, inspirations, and encouraging subjects challenging all of us to do GREAT things!  

So, please you are more than welcome to follow! Have an awesomeness day!

Yours read more